We Need Your Help – Become A Volunteer

Have you ever thought about joining your local fire company?

Port Matilda Volunteer Fire Company is accepting applications for new members. Whether you want to be an active firefighter, fire police, administration or just simply help with behind the scenes and fundraising, we need you!

We are currently looking for individuals from the community who would be interested in helping in any of the following areas:

Fire Company Support

  • Administration: Assist in filing for grants, assist in filling out and filing reports, responds to non-emergency calls.
  • Finance: Basic bookkeeping and report generation (QuickBooks).
  • I/T: Maintain security system (closed circuit cameras and key pad doors), maintain and run updates for fire company computers, and support fire response/reporting systems.
  • Fundraising: Manpower limitations have forced the elimination of fundraising events. We are looking for people to manage and execute fundraising which would allow us to renew these critical activities.
  • Building Operations and Maintenance: Undertake basic maintenance and repair activities in those areas outside of the garage area (kitchen, bathrooms, and recreation room).

Fire Services

  • Firefighter: Respond to calls to fight both building and wildfires, traffic accidents, and medical emergencies. Requires that men and women be over 18 years of age and junior members be 14 and above. Training and equipment is provided.
  • Fire Police:  Respond to fire and accident calls to direct traffic and control pedestrian traffic. Training and equipment is provided.
  • Fire Truck Driver: Respond to calls to drive the firefighting vehicles to fires, traffic accidents and medical emergencies.

Ready to apply?  Call or stop by the firehouse and complete an application.

Questions? Please email