Port Matilda Fire Company

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We are an all-volunteer company that has been providing firefighting and rescue services to the Port Matilda area since 1929.




Winter Safety

Please clear all snow at least 3 feet in every direction from around your local hydrants.  This ensures faster access if there is a fire in the area.


Have you ever seen a vehicle crash and wanted to be able to help?  Have you ever seen a house or business on fire and wanted to know what to do?  Have you ever had a family member or neighbor get hurt or feel unwell and wanted to help them?  Are you interested in serving your community?  Volunteer with our fire company and learn how to respond to these emergencies to others and help keep our community safer.

Smoke Detectors

Sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the program urges you to adopt a simple lifesaving habit: Change ALL of your Smoke Alarm batteries when you change your clocks.