About Us

Port Matilda Fire Company is a non-profit all volunteer organization that provides firefighting and rescue services to the Port Matilda area since being established in 1929.  Our primary coverage area is approximately 81 square miles with a population of over 5,600 residents.  It is composed of Port Matilda Borough and Halfmoon, Huston, Taylor, and Worth Townships.  We also respond to surrounding secondary coverage areas to assist other fire and EMS companies.  The area is diverse with rural and semi-rural housing, small businesses, family farms, state game lands, and approximately 12 miles of Interstate 99.

Our apparatus are housed at our station which is centrally located on Plank Road in Port Matilda.  We have 5 apparatus including an Engine-Tanker, Engine-Rescue, Brush Truck, Traffic Control Unit, and Utility Unit.  All apparatus are fully equipped and ready to respond to emergency and non-emergency incidents on a manpower available basis.  Our volunteers are trained and participate in regular skills training to prepare for responding to incidents.  PMFC is funded by a combination of municipal contributions, fundraising, and donations from businesses and individuals.  We receive contributions from all municipalities in our primary coverage area and use fundraising and donations to balance our budget.  We are proud to serve our community and endeavor to provide professional service to all persons regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, or religious affiliation.